“Coffee is one of the few products involving nature, people, machines and technology in any stage of its production, as well as sensory communication. A day without coffee would be an empty world!”

Sevan Istanboulian, Founder

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About Us

Coffee is our passion

In 1998, our mission and vision was to become one of Canada’s best businesses specialized in the roasting and distribution of specialty grade coffees.

After two decades, Café Mystique Coffee has accomplished it’s main goal and reached new heights by affiliating itself with reputable companies to distributes it’s product nationally.

Café Mystique Coffee, offers a variety of products including whole bean, roasted & grinded coffee, to now Mystique K-Cup® single use capsules. Our products are available for direct B2B beverage solutions in their establishment as well as B2C purchases.

With our new Mystique K-Cup® single capsules, Café Mystique Coffee offers Co-Branding custom solutions for specific events.

Varieties of Coffee

We bring the world to you! We believe that great coffees start with great coffee beans and choosing which coffee beans and coffee varieties are your favorites starts by exploring the full range of different coffees that are available today.

Hours of Testing

We use a range of analytical equipment to analyze the physical characteristics of our coffees. Our team of experts studies the density, moisture, roast development to bring you premium quality coffee.

Hours of Roasting

The roasting process is truly an art! Our roasting experts combine premium quality organic fair trade coffee and use precise roasting techniques to bring out the very best in every coffee bean.

Hours of Grinding

There is an art to grinding coffee! A consistent grind has a considerable impact on the the quality of your coffee. Inconsistent grounds can lead to an uneven extraction during brewing and produce an inconsistent flavor.