“Coffee is one of the few products involving nature, people, machines and technology in any stage of its production, as well as sensory communication. A day without coffee would be an empty world!”

Sevan Istanboulian, Founder


Mystique Coffee exclusively offers single serving capsules that are certified fairtrade & organic, fully recyclable and contains 100% specialty grade arabica coffee.
By using our 3 step process, ROAST & GRIND, PACK & DELIVER ON ORDER, our Mystique K-Cup Capsules offer maximum freshness and flavor!

*K-Cup® is a registered trademark of “Green Mountain Coffee”. Note that Café Mystique Coffee have no affiliation with K-Cup®.

Specialty Grade

Less than 10% of the coffee produced in the world reaches the level of quality which gives our coffee the name of specialty grade.


Our capsules are compatible with all current Keurig® K-cup® infusion systems. Our capsules contain more coffee than the conventional K-Cup® capsules.

Fully Recyclable

Our capsules are; 100% recyclable, entirely made of polypropylene # 5 from top to bottom, including the lid, filter and cup. You can place our entire capsules in your recycling bin without any worries.

Unique Filter Design

Our capsules are made of a polypropylene pleated filter that is 10 times stronger than the paper filter used in other capsules on the market. Their unique design gives our coffee a richer flavor.

Fairtrade Certified

We were one of the pioneers in Canada to promote 'fair trade'. We travel the world to establish transparent, long-term and sustainable relationships with producers themselves.

Certified Organic

Our coffee is certified organic. This certification ensures the integrity of organic products from field to table.


Our Reputation

Founded in 1998, Café Mystique Coffee Inc. has become one of Canada’s best in the industry, specializing in the roasting and distribution of specialty grade coffee. In 2000, we became one of the first companies in Canada to become a certified fairtrade and organic business. Since then, our commercial activities and service offering have continued to grow and diversify.

Our Product Line

Our family of products contains a variety of organic and fairtrade certified specialty grade coffees. Our blends and flavors are available in whole bean, roasted and grinded and, newly added, our K-Cup® capsules.

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